together in a group

This is for those who want to live in the light, who want to make a deep change and let go of the blockages.

We need to face what is hindering us, if we want it to disappear. We need to bring it to the surface and look at it, accept it and embrace it, and then be able to let go of it, in love and forgiveness.

Working through fears, karma, unhealed wounds and other things that we find challenging, is the true work of light. This inner work is tough, but it is when we cleanse and purify ourselves from this, that we can become our true selves and reach our highest potential. The transformation work changes you deeply and set you free.

I am a transmuter and one of my soul missions is to convert and transform energy from lower to higher frequencies. I am one of those who came here to Earth to assist right now during the planet's shift and help humanity evolve so that we can rise in consciousness. I do this by changing energies that stagnate, pushing boundaries so that the energy can be converted to a new higher level. I use my contact with galactic energy, universal knowledge and dimensional healing skills. I am recoding.

You are so much more than you think. When you let go of what is not you, then a whole new world opens up, a world your soul longs to step into. You are magical!


We are now in the new age with a very strong transformative force. We face unprecedented challenges, which also present wonderful opportunities for achieving perfection.

I have been working with transformational healing in groups since march 2020 and each time I am deeply touched by the power that exists in this healing. It is really changing peoples lives. I am so grateful for this mission.

The energy of the group is of value and your participation is a great service to humanity and the entire planet.

"Thank you so much, Åse! Magic. Feels much lighter and different in body and mind. Thank you for the personal interpretation and healing you did. That's how I've felt. Feels like a very big relief that it's gone."
Anette, august 2020

"Thank you so much to you and the angels for the healing moment yesterday. What a nice and cool experience.Felt happy and excited afterwards. So nice to get rid of the old and become a new Lena. Thanks for the message, is correct, some are already well on their way. Light and love to you beautiful Åse." 

Lena may 2020

"Thank you Åse. Really appreciated participating in this moment, so nice and lovely. Thank you for being here for me and supporting me on my inner journey."

Rebecka, march 2020

How: Distance

Where: We meet in the divine sphere

Date: 20 June 2023

Time: Swedish time 9 pm- 9.30 pm 

Investment: SEK 277 

Fill out the form below and pay directly  when booking. You will receive a receipt by email when I see your payment. I need your payment one hour before we start the healing.  If you don't get a confirmation email from me, please check your email trash and then contact me again. Thank you.

Pay here:

Yes please, I want to book this transformational healing

How does it work?

Create a stillness within you. You can sit or lie down, listen to calm music (Solfeggio frequencies such as 417Hz, 528 Hz or 963Hz), light a candle or essential oil, hold a crystal or flower, whatever makes you calm and harmonious.

Be open and receive what is to come. Accept the feelings, stay in them.

Breathe and forgive what has been. If there are tears, then let them fall. Allow yourself to be healed.

I keep the sacred space for 30 minutes, but you can stay longer if you need to. The transformation can continue several days afterwards if that is what you need. Have faith and know that you are being purified.

I will email you a text afterwards with what I experienced, but remember to trust your experience. You know what is true for you. Give yourself water, nourishment and love afterwards and consciously step into the free soul you are.

HEAL to be you