Welcome to my Healing Archive.

Here you will find healings that made a big impression, that changed deeply, that healed, that raised frequencies, that transformed people's lives and created quantum steps forward on their spiritual path.

These healings are now available to You.

You can receive the healing by reading the text and connect with my soul. My vision is that you should be able to receive healing at any time when you need it most, even at night or when I am not available. I know what it's like to have anxiety when everyone else is sleeping...

These healings are Always available.

If you would rather have guidance during the healing process, then you can book a session with me. If you wish to participate live in the actual creation - then I recommend you to join the Community.

Why me? Why this missions?

In many lifetimes, both here on earth and on other planets, in other galaxies and dimensions, I have worked with healing. I have served the truth and therefore have access to galactic and universal knowledge. My soul holds a high energy and I transform lower frequencies into higher ones. I am good at creating sacred space for others to meet and I can keep the energy in the group and balance it. I am so grateful for my missions.

How are these healings created?

I receive Divine guidance and get a so-called "healing mission". Then I write down a text about what is included in the healing and what it will give us. I send this to everyone who is part of the Community and they get the opportunity to be part of the healing.
On the chosen occasion, me and the souls who wish to join gather and together with high-dimensional light guides we create magic. It will be perfection. Everyone involved adds something unique, without exception.
These healings are then stored in my spherical healing library a few months later and can be downloaded and picked up by you at any time.

How do I know which one to choose?

You will feel what healing is for you when you read the text, how it resonates with you and how it feels in your body. Use your intuition and trust it.

How does it works?

Once you have chosen the healing that is right for you right now, you go into stillness, take a few deep breaths and ground yourself. You can benefit from listening to my guided meditation.
Then you make contact with your heart and read the text of the healing you have chosen. Connect with me soul (some people think it feels good to imagine I'm in the same room) Then open up to healing and gratefully receive the experience.

You can, if you want, send me a small amount as an energy exchange, but it is not a requirement. Sometimes it feels more real when you pay for something and I gratefully accept your gift.

A meditation to listen to before the healing

This meditation is a way to get into the stillness before your healing experience. Here we invite the divine light, we ground ourselves and enter the body, we make contact with our heart, with the earth and with the sun, we are surrounded by archangels and the elements, we feel our light and our own energy.


Welcome to my magical world.

Lemuria healing

Created: 16/2 2023

Have you lived on Lemuria? We promised each other then that we would wake each other up now to remember.

During this healing, we move to Lemuria, Mu, a place where many of us lived to elevate the collective to a higher dimension. At Lemuria, we worked with crystals, among other things, to create a high wave of consciousness.We worked out how we could get the crystals to be activated to a higher level, how we could maximize the power to influence the collective and how the crystals could help us gain access to our superpowers.

The healing will help you remember who you were then, how you lived, what gifts and special powers you carried and still carry within you.

The healing also shows you what you need to forgive from that time. Perhaps you carry feelings of guilt or disappointment at not succeeding in the mission. It's time to let go and forgive. It is time to remember and move on because now in this life we are faced with a similar mission and this time we will succeed in raising the collective.

You may also receive third eye activations and activations from whales and dolphins. I, together with my team from Sirius will be working with a diamond star, a star tetrahedron.

My experience:

As soon as we started, I sensed unbalanced energies that needed to be cleared away. After the purification, it calmed down and we were able to start. We took each other's hands and were transferred to Lemuria. I started crying, I just let the tears flow and heal what needed to be healed. I felt a lot in my body, including vibrating from side to side, small rapid vibrations. I lay in water and felt the frequencies of the whales. Their activations were felt throughout my body and dolphins swam close close. We got in touch with a special dolphin and it was a magical experience.

A moment later, the diamond star came down into the third eye and spun fast fast, activating with focus there, still with whales and dolphins around us and their immense love. My body shook and twitched a couple of times. It felt pretty intense. We were activated.

I saw beautiful nature, a lot of green. There were mountain landscapes, sea and a beautiful bay with wildlife. I got memories back and felt emotions in my body. The forgiveness energy was there.

This is my experience. Yours can be completely different. Both are true.

Activation of the third eye

Created: 7/2 2023

The Third Eye is your gateway to enlightenment. This is where your intuition lives, the guide that leads you forward in life. When you have the third eye in balance, you get easier contact with your inner knowledge and easier to experience peace and trust. You get closer to your talents, your wisdom and your superpowers. You also enable communication with other worlds and dimensions.

What will we experience on this Third Eye Activation? First there will be purification. Our guides remove the lower energies that should not be there before the activation. The picture I get is that they put us in a sacred waterfall to purify and strengthen our own energy.

In my mind I see a diamond star, a star tetrahedron spinning around at the forehead. Diamond shimmering rays of light create magical patterns and it radiates from my third eye to all of you. We create a sacred network.

During the healing, my Sirian sisters will help. They talk about high technology and this feels new and incredibly exciting. Telepathy and supernatural powers. Things you don't think are possible will open up.

I get pictures of seas, I see whales and dolphins, I see sacred geometry and light language. I hear high dimensional music.

Welcome to a magical experience.

My experience:

I make contact with the archangels first, then I invite the healers from Sirius to assist us. Lord Melchizedek and St Germain are also coming. St. Germain begins with a purification with the violet flame. It swirls and sways, purifies with tremendous force. This flame takes the big things. Then they set us in an incredibly beautiful waterfall in the middle of a jungle to take the leftovers. The water is very special.It's like mini-small magnets that pull all the negative energy out of our energy bodies. They destroy everything that is going away before this activation.

We are now in our own energy - ready. They show me a door, the gateway to enlightenment. And we open the gate, our third eye. A white light meets us, diamond light. Right away, the diamond star at the forehead begins to spin around. It throws out rays of light from my third eye to your third eye to be linked together as a network. The masters from Sirius stand and work from a distance. Instead, we get close visits from various power animals. I see dolphins, whales, a white tiger, dragons, an eagle, an elephant and unicorns. Then the Sirians connect and they start working high-tech. My body tingles, but the images I see are that they fix a lot in my brain. One picture comes up where you plaster a window pane so you can see clearer, another where the pineal gland is scrubbed clean with a sponge. I am also shown the future, pictures of how we stop time, move objects and ourselves. It's like a superhero movie. When I think of the words "supernatural forces," it feels like my body is exploding, a strong shiver throughout my body. They say we're already working on telepathy, but we don't get that that's what we're doing.

This and much more is happening, I was pretty far away at times. Deep relaxation and a lot of vibration in the body. Before I finish and take back the light rays again, I see the picture of the earth and how more places have lit up thanks to our work during this healing.

Think how nice it is, that when we work on ourselves, we help the world.

This was my experience. Yours can be completely different. Trust it.

Parvati - the Universal Mother, the Divine Goddess

Created: 12/10 2022

Happiness, wisdom and healing for our and other souls' highest good.

Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, three goddesses of a feminine nature will hold this healing. We also invite mother earth and the sun.

Parvati is the universal mother, gentle and soft in nature, but as with all mothers, her hard side is shown if it is about protecting her children, us. She is beautiful and benevolent and evokes the quality of love, spiritual connection, creativity and devotion to your higher purpose. Parvati is the divine archetype of vital competence and creative love.

Laskshmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity, love and spiritual enlightenment.

Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom, music and creativity.

This trio, also called Tridevi, is the Holy Trinity of feminine nature.

During this healing you will meet these goddesses and allow them to heal what is needed. They are good at healing wounded hearts, they are good at healing relationships and they teach us how to relate to ourselves instead of doing things to satisfy others. They can also help you make your voice heard and how to express yourself, help with material abundance and your higher purpose. You choose, you put the intension on what you want help with, or just open up to what these feminine powers can give you.

We need to stand in our truth, be who we are without doing things to satisfy everyone else. We're going to stop doing things we don't want to, just to fit in.We should choose our own reality and be in our own pulse, in our natural heartbeat.

My experience:

I have a close connection with the archangels so they came first. In front of us Rafael. To the right, Michael. Behind us Gabriel. On the left, Uriel. Above us Metatron. Below us Sandalphon.

I asked to be in touch with the Sun. I prayed to be grounded in Mother Earth. I invoked Parvati, Laksmi and Saraswati.

I watched as the three goddesses came above us, they stood in a triangle.They sent a beam to each of us and the rays met in the hypothalamus. From there, it radiated throughout our energy bodies and beyond. I've never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful and unique.

We started by healing our hearts. Here we all enjoyed just being in holiness and received the healing of their powerful and motherly love. The power of the Trinity.

Later, the energy shifted.  I was asked to command to heal relationships. We started with the relationship with our nearest family, then with other people. Then we healed relationship ties with the solar system, with the cosmos, and with our home planets. I was also guided to make a command to dare to stand in our truth. I don't remember what I said, but it was a pretty long chant, a lot that needed to come out, and all for our highest good.

Then there were close encounters with the three. Parvati's presence was very special to me. The mother of the universe, it was so magical. I looked into her eyes and it took my breath away. Paravati and I talked about the sight, about seeing with love. Then Laksmi made success, happiness, love, money and joy flow over us. It was like a glitter shower. Saraswati gave me beautiful tones and the message that everything is needed to create a beautiful melody and everything else in life. Love. Love. Love.

This and much more. After all, what I tell you is my experience and it is not the one you should remember, but your own. What you've known, seen, heard, experienced... is what is for you. Whether you fell asleep and don't remember a thing, this was exactly what you needed right now. Rest assured of it. Trust yourself. Trust the goddesses. You get the healing you need in the present. For your highest good.

Much love, Åse

Future Lives healing

Created: 20/9 2022

Do you feel like you're stuck, that you're not in the flow, that you're not getting ahead? I felt that too and asked my guides if it was for my highest good, but this time it wasn't like that. There was something to heal. Believe it or not but it was about the relationship with my future life. I had never heard anything like it. That relationship was only 50% of 100%. Once I had healed this, I noticed a difference. Then I got a healing mission - to help you heal this also. So if "Relationship with Future Lives" resonates with you, this could be the healing you need.

We will heal the relationship between you and your future life so that you can enter the new life without distractions.

We download a drawing, a blueprint, regarding self-worth.

We raise your courage.

We heal your boundaries in your energy bodies (physical body, etheric body, astral/emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, dimensional body and your relationship body)

We heal your contact with Mother Gaia.

Welcome to this healing.

My experience:

I start jerking my body, it vibrates and I yawn like crazy, I get tears in my eyes. I mantra ”release release release " and clear away the old. It twitches several times in the body.

Then I see stacks of different percentages. The first bar is called Relationship with Future Life. Many of your bars are very low, almost non-existent. I raise the percentage with the magic of my hands, the experience is incredible. I get all up to 100 percent. Jackpot!

Then all participants get a "selfworth blueprint" downloaded.

The next bar is called Courage and Dare and this too is raised.

In order for this to be integrated, we all get healing from the Archangels that gives a sense of security and trust. The light is here. The eternal love. It's so beautiful, so magical.

Then we get to enter the middle of a ring where we are surrounded by Gods, Goddesses, Wizards, Galactic healers and Masters. That's where we get our powers/super gifts. We get to remember them. We have to realize that we have them. The image when all of us are standing together in there, surrounded by thousands of light creatures, and have realized our individual magical talents is amazing. It's like a mighty movie scene.

Then it's time for boundary setting in the different energy bodies and I see again different bars being raised.

Finally, we strengthened the relationship bond with Mother Earth, which is now 100%.

Remember, this is my experience, yours may be completely different. Both are true.

Universal heart healing

Created: 21/8 2022

Welcome on a healing journey with me into the dimension of ourselves – our inner heart. This healing will help you discover that your inner universal heart holds the key to living more, happier and truer and opening up to the true self. The universal heart extends its energy outward through each dimension and that heartbeat is the vibrational source of creation.

We will be activated and our ability to manifest will be strengthened. This will help us manifest a more healthy and joyful world for ourselves and each other.

Everything in the universe vibrates with a universal pulse of life energy, the expression of true and pure love. Our own human heartbeat reflects this divine process. With each rhythmic beat, our hearts pulsate the love at our core into the world around us. That pulse connects human hearts around the world and it is time for humanity to acknowledge this now.

Communication lines from and to the heart will be healed, lines between the heart and the brain and between the heart and stomach in both directions. There are also lines from the heart and out into the exterior. We strengthen the flow of giving and receiving.

We will work with heart walls. If your subconscious has chosen to protect your heart at some point in your life, you have built up a heart wall. Then it was important, but now it limits you. If this heart wall is meant to be removed, this will be done.

My experience:

I feel so blessed. This was magical. We are part of someting great dear friends, and I am so grateful. First, the purification and transformation of energies. We drop a ton and I yawned like crazy as usual. A platinum net cleared us and the surroundings around our physical bodies. We reactivated the axiatonal and opened up to the divine. The words: "from the point of love in the heart of God, I let love flow out of my heart..." reiterated. I saw an inner picture of things being put in place within us, a balancing. Masculine and feminine energy intertwined, energy colors were balanced and created new shades, it harmonized within us.

It was I, archangel Metatron, a bluish pleiades master and goddess of love who held it. I saw a sea of others around and there was great variety of light souls among us. I saw the archangel Michael, the master Djwhal Khul, a butterfly elf, Lord Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Sananda and many power animals.

Then the work of removing heart walls started on those who were ready. When that work was done, an enormous burp came out of me and it was such a liberating feeling. Eyes opened, clear shining eyes, like we had now become more clear-eyed and watched with love.

I was now asked to lie down and just receive this heart healing. It was high-level magic. I felt tremendous love for each of you, we were united in our hearts and it spread out and up. I saw galaxies far away and spheres where I don't have human memories from. We were far away and yet everything happened in our hearts. My tears just flowed. It was so beautiful. Heartbeat. The pulse of love poured out to everything and everyone.

After a while, it was time to work again and then with the lines of communication. First out was between heart and brain, then between heart and stomach. When we got to the line of communication from the Source/the Divine to our hearts, it was completely dumbfounded. Here it was so blocked and when that flow opened up we received as much of everything possible - joy, love, happiness, wisdom, abundance, value, self-confidence.... Yes it was like a galactic explosion of power and our ability to manifest became limitless. Wow!

At the end, I was lulled in by the love healing, so wonderful, so angelic, so peaceful. We received a love initiation. The light body was activated with the heart as the focus.

Concluding words from the Pleiades master: "The heart is the home."

Remember, this is my experience, yours may be completely different. Both are true.

Money healing 

Created: 4/8 2022

This healing will be about money, the relationship to money and the flow of receiving and passing on. We will work with the value of ourselves and that it is our divine right to live in abundance. We get help to let go of old thoughts that money is something negative and ugly and unspiritual and instead open up our magnet so that we can attract money (that we still use here on earth)

We also open up to new possibilities, to unexpected gifts, to trust and to manifest miracles into our lives.

The lack, which is an old programming many of us carry, is often about money at its core. We are going to replace the lack, this shortage and replace it with abundance and wealth.

This healing is like a lucky magnet.

My experience:

This was much more emotional than I thought, a lot of tears. The first quarter of an hour I just sat and cried and cried and let go. Everyone was there. The angels, the masters, galactics, etc. A huge presence. I was so full of emotions.

It was heavy age-old programming that sat so deep, including thoughts that money is dirty. I also understood that for many years we light workers had felt all the energies in the coins and felt all the people who carried them. We now held the coins and notes in our hands and purified and replenished them with new energy. They changed shape for a moment to natural magic gems and then back again. We also cleaned our bank accounts.  

We opened up the flow. We received and we passed it on to those who really need it. And received again, and so on. Receive, pass on...

We found a small old wooden door that was hidden in our interior, it was no bigger than a matchbox. We could barely turn the lock with our fingers. But once it opened, huge amounts of gleaming gold energy poured in and out. A gushing stream.

The next image was the magnet within us. The magnetic force increased and the force of attraction became stronger. You are a lucky magnet, a money magnet. Money loves you. You love you. You are worth money. Your lucky magnet was activated.

Remember, this is my experience, yours may be completely different. Both are true.

Sun healing - the four suns

Created: 21/7 2022

When I was out on a small isle in the archipelago, I got the assignment for this healing. I had it on my mind already during the boat trip out, but once on the rocks in the sun, it became clear what kind of healing I would have. The healing of the sun!

I saw orange-yellow formations on the rocks that looked like sacred patterns, something nature created. It gleamed and I felt strong guidance to turn my gaze out to the sun and then the information came.

I was shown the Central Sun and the enormous energy it carries, then I saw our sun in our solar system, the energy then moved into my body to my solar plexus and further down to a sun in the center of Gaia. These suns were interconnected energy and it looked like golden electric power. The message was clear. We're going to learn to harness this energy, to connect with it, this pure tall enormously powerful light. A more obvious flow should be within us. Being able to self-generate our power - the life force.

Then my children shouted that it was time for a jump in the sea and I returned to my family and enjoyed the day.

Now that I sit here at home at the computer and write, I also get the impression that as a leader of this healing I will dance the dance of the soul and create a flow and help to accept our true essence. Solar energy should replenish with power and spark creativity within you, highlighting your qualities and intertwining these with your passion and what makes you happy. By accepting and allowing our soul to radiate through us and be in the highest light frequency, then we can create the reality we want to see.

The four suns - the central sun, our sun, the sun within us and the sun in the center of Gaia.

My experience:

We landed in our bodies, we were founded in the present.

We stood in waterfalls and let all the stress and old drain off us. We were purified.

The solar energy filled our physical bodies and our entire ball of energy, all that we are. We felt our inner sun, our power, our flow of life.

I saw lines that went from our inner sun out, one that was in contact with the central sun, one with the sun of the milky way, and one to the sun of Gaia. We were refueled. I felt my body go like waves and got the image of us being replenished, almost like you refuel your car.

From the Central Sun, the energy felt galactic, dimensional, powerful, electric in nature. From our sun the energy was somewhat softer, here I got the Christ energy, love, forgiving and caring. From Gaia's sun we received crystal energy and I sensed Lemuria. We brought home soul pieces. "A time to remember," I heard.

I also asked for us to be shown what we did then, when we lived on Lemuria, and what talents we benefit from today, so if you picked up something like that or will get it during the days, have confidence in what's coming.

I used my gift of transformation as well, with movements I moved solar energy around where it was needed in your bodies. A lot happened in your stomach, pelvis, intimate parts and your basic security. Feminine. Goddesses. High Priestess. Queen.

The crystals felt of great value.

Then I got a message to us: ”Understand the meaning of refueling the sun's energy, do it whenever you need to. Start from yourself, your inner sun. You are a sun child. Wherever you go, you shine your light. Realize this."

Remember, this is my experience, yours may be completely different. Both are true.

Galactic healing

Created: 9/6 2022

Reconnection to the Light, Wisdom and Power. Rekindle the memory of your higher being such as Pleiad, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan or other starseeds.

Do you feel that it is difficult to fit in here on earth, do you feel a longing for something else, are you extra sensitive to energies, maybe find it difficult to meet other people? Are you drawn to stars, other planets and dimensions? Then maybe you're a starseed.

Starseeds have had other incarnations in places other than Earth. We are here to help now, to spread love, raise the frequency here on earth, we have different missions that help humanity.

We are sensitive. When we came down to earth, we had to lower our high vibration to a lower one to adapt. It's hard for us in these low energies because we basically have a high energy. We've had some challenges growing up, but that's because we can handle it, we have tremendous power and we need to transform and get through the heavy lifting we have experienced so we can get back to our high original energy. Our life's mission is to find our way back to our gifts, work on our self-love and find home in ourselves again.

This healing helps you to regain your inner power, to awaken the memory of your higher being as a starseed and to remember your energetic gifts from your galactic home. A reconnection to the Light, to the Wisdom and to the Force.

It also includes a deep cleansing. I will do a reprogramming, a reset, where we liberate contracts and agreements previously made that should not remain, we eliminate negative entities and clean up our energy bodies. It will be a lot and it will be awesome. We're going to get a lot of help.

My experience:

I invited the lovely archangels first, then came both masters, goddesses and others who should be involved in this healingwork. And last of all, our galactic friends joined in.

During the purification and reprogramming, it was clear that energies were leaving, in some of you, especially when we canceled contracts and agreements that had to do with sticking to a lower vibration, a lower form of thought. It was like you were previously stuck in 3 D. We released a lot, so now you easily can be in the higher vibrations. Consciously step into the higher being. We also purified a lot in your energy bodies.

I was shown a ship, a craft, which we all entered and set off with. A mixed feeling of Starwars and Avatar. We came to a beautiful hall with a galactic council. There were different representatives from different stars and we were all received by our family. I also saw children welcoming you. I saw many great reunions with you and your galactic families. Finding your way home. It was incredibly touching to see.

At one point I felt a physical touch on my hand and when I put my hand there, a girl said to her mother: ”Look mom, she felt me.”

The healing was lovely and highly vibrating. I had a clear communication with my family. I asked questions and they answered. They were very cuddly, but it wasn't hugs the way we do, but more of an energetic embrace that I can't describe.

The message they conveyed is that we should remember our light, that is our task. No matter what problems we have, what prevents us from reaching the higher consciousness, their strongest guidance was for us to understand and realize that we are so much more than we think. Train yourselves to realize that you are a powerful light, feed yourself with it often, make it a habit to feel your divine power. Then your problems will subside. You should not solve the problems, you should raise your frequency.

They finished with a galactic activation.

This was my experience. Yours can be completely different. Both are the truth.

Family healing

Created: Summer Solstice 21/6 2021

On June 10, I received this channeling for me and my team in the community:

"It's time to understand that you are the chosen one to heal your family trail. For generations, there have been thoughts and feelings that have come along and that have been encapsulated within you, old patterns from your ancestors. Don't put any blame in this, just be aware of it.

Above all, we want to state that you are the one who will break this spell. You are the one who is chosen to release these old patterns. You have made that choice together with your family of light and your ancestors. And it even says in this contract that you are not alone in this mission of liberation. You are never alone. You have your team with you and you have each other dear light souls.

Because you have so much love in your heart, you are the perfect one for this work, as you would never put yourself on a pedestal because you know everyone's worth. You know that no one is better or worse, only that we have different tasks.

We don't want this to create any pressure or burden, you people have a strange ability to turn it into something negative.This is an honorable mission, you get lots of help and your only task is to be who you are and have faith. You just need to be who you are and follow the flow...."

A few days after, I was asked to be a catalyst and transform old feelings and limitations that are stuck in the family and to pull out these outdated patterns. There are many of us who retain negative energy ties, conscious or unconscious, that unfortunately limit us from standing in our full light. I will act as an alchemist. This is to be done on the summer solstice.

Connect with your family of light and open up for healing.

"I'm opening up to heal my family back in time. I'm willing to break and release these patterns that don't benefit us anymore. Thank you.”

My experience:

The archangel Raphael appeared in front of me, Michael on the right, Gabriel behind, Uriel on the left, Metatron above and Sandalphon below me. The feeling was huge. We are so protected, always, but when we confirm their presence, it truly becomes magic. The tears couldn't be held back and the hair on my skin stood up.

I gained tremendous power inside, my body was pulled backwards, and I felt like a superheroine. the kabbalistic cross filled my torso. I felt so strong. Then all the emotions gushed into me and I had to get down on the floor.

Wars and witches at the stake flashed by, illness and death, anxiety, grief and loss, but also contemporary manipulation and programming. I handed over the transformation entirely to the archangels and other helpers. I was just the catalyst, everything went through me.

After a while it was time to continue and I got up again slightly dizzy but in full confidence. Then I felt the other healers presence very clearly, everyone who was involved. They stood here with me and helped me. Your ancestors were also here so there were a lot of us. First, we had to calm everyone down, make them feel confident, tell them that everything is going to be fine, that we should be healed now.

Then it was time. You all stood around me in a ring with your ancestors behind you. I became like a magnet and everything old that shouldn't be left was pulled or sucked out and in to me and then up to be taken care of by the angels and transformed into love.

After the tough work we did, we lay down and rested. The angels took care of us. Time for recovery. We received special care and they mended our ethereal weave. They balanced our chakras so that a line of light appeared in the energy body. We got high-frequency healing.

Then we brought home our true selves. "I'll bring home my true self," we said three times together, and I was very emotional. We smiled, all of us smiled. We understood our greatness, our inner power. "We know," we said, looking at each other. "We know. We know who we are." It was so powerful!

So much love. Thank you for existing and thank you for helping me in this work. This community is truly something very special. The light from the North.

Investment: SEK 111 each
You pay directly here:
Yes please, I want to receive healing from the archive


One night in August 2022, under the lion portal, I received a message from the archangels. My healings must be in an Archive where people can retrieve the healings afterwards from the divine realm. Those who are part of the Community are part of the actual creation of the healing, they are there in the moment, VIPs, at the live concert, the film premiere... Others should then also be able to take part in the healing afterwards, like when you rent a movie.
I thought it sounded a bit strange and even though I had such a clear message then, I felt that this needed to grow. During the fall, I went through a pretty tough transformation, cleared lots, healed karma and received strong upgrades.
At the beginning of 2023 I received guidance again on my healing library and felt ready. I knew the world needed this. So one sunny day in March when the ice crystals glistened in the grass, I opened up my Healing Archive.

HEAL to be you