You found me. How beautiful. Finally, we meet to walk together across the bridge, and into the light. Together we raise consciousness in ourselves, in each other and in humanity.

I have been through a lot of challenges, both in this life and in previous incarnations. I have accumulated a lot of experiences and now I am ready to serve others.

My task is to help you find your soul's longing and activate your inner light. I'm going to make you realize your inner power, help you release blockages and raise your frequency, so you can find your way home in your heart.

I have served the truth for many lives with my healing, and ability to transform lower energies into higher ones and now I am working in the service of the light to help humanity expand.

I work together with my family of light and we convey high frequency healing that is adapted for the new time. The old is in past. We have now stepped into a new way of being.

You are unique. You are so much more powerful than you know. But I know, and I'll help you realize that, when you're ready.

Take my hand and together we will walk into higher dimensions.


Search my healing library to find the healing that suits you best right now.


Do you want to be part of the Community? Together we raise the frequency of our planet, and help humanity return to its true consciousness.


Do you want to activate your light body and reconnect with yourself and the divine?

We are all part of the web of life. We all have different purposes and different missions to complete. Everyone has a place and everything has a meaning.

I am here to awaken people so that they remember who they are and find the inner gifts they carry.

This is my mission and I am so grateful for it.

"Åse” is not only a given Nordic name, it is also a verb in Old Swedish meaning “to view” or "onlooking” - and rarely is someone as aptly named as Åse Hammarström! 

With her stunningly spot-on perceptual abilities she indeed provides an in-depth “view” of the inner you and what is going on there – and equally important: why your life is (and was, and could be) what it is, and how to best continue on your path.

Add her remarkable healing capacities and words like “wow”, “magical”, “truly powerful” and “wow again, I mean…wow!” not only pop up, but ring truth beyond true – and those actually even aren´t enough to describe her positive impact - really! 

“What´s in a name?” A question posed by many, Shakespeare included. In her case, it´s merely a good start summing up her guiding light and greatness.

My own translation would be ´Earth angel´. Thank you, Åse!


"Åse, you are an absolutely fantastic, wonderfully beautiful soul, person and guide. I am infinitely grateful that our paths crossed! I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you and your help. Now I am no longer afraid to move on. Now I'm a baby bird staggering out on the branch, ready to throw myself out and fly. I trust the wings to carry me. Thank you Åse for everything you do, you are absolutely fantastic"

"Dear Åse. You are a beautiful human being. It was You who awakened my soul. It was you who opened my heart. It was you who showed me my family of lights and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. All your archangel healings and transformations have opened me more and more and today I can so strongly feel the light that belongs to all of us. It's true magic and words can't describe it. It must be experienced. Today I live completely according to my heart. Dear Åse. You have so many souls to awaken and so many hearts to open. Your mission is gigantic but you are so right for it. So happy and grateful that I got to meet you. You will have a big place in my heart forever. People talks about earth angels and I think you are an earth angel! Finest of them all."

HEAL to be you