Dear lightworker, healer, starseed, frequency holder, earth angel, wayshower, gridworker, alchemist, gatekeeper, transmuter, peacemaker, manifestor, ascension guide… You who feel that you are here on earth for a reason, you who want to help by spreading light and love to everything and everyone who lives here on this planet, you who want to create balance and you who long to find your soul sisters and brothers. You who are sensitive and take in other people's energies, you who for most of your life have felt different and have difficulties fitting in and you who feel lonely. You're not alone. Now is the time when we come together.

I am the one who brings us together, she who keeps the balance in this group, she who makes us work together in this great dimensional shift.

Together we will raise the frequency on this earth and help humanity to reach its original consciousness.

I have been called to this mission to serve the light. Are you one of those who assist me in this mission?


One of my favorite sentences is Together We Rise. People heal people.

Community is very valuable, especially at this time when we are in a great awakening and Mother Earth is rising. She raises her frequency and we with her. Together we heal.


This community is for those who want to be involved in my work here on earth, to help humanity reconnect with the Divine.

You are needed. You are a definite purpose. We are all pieces of the puzzle that contribute to the world. All are all equally important.

Being part of the Community is free of charge.

When I am guided, I send you an email where I share what I experience now as the frequency holder, transmuter and healer I am, what we process and go through in the present and the messages that the archangels and other high-frequency energies want to inform us about. Our contact is through email, we are not a group on social media with chat features.

You get the opportunity to participate in unique healing events every month, where the aims is to, together, raise our frequency, and lift the collective and mother earth.

A warm welcome.

What a text! Your lyrics are so highly vibrant, so spiritually appealing that words can't describe it. Like one big light bath. I come home with your lyrics and I like it so much. Moments of feeling at home. In the heart. I almost don't know who anyone is in the community but I really know everyone in the soul and in the heart. Every day. I'm grateful for that and it's so nice! Hugs to you Åse and thanks for gathering us! In the service of light."

Tina 2022

"Thousand, thousand thanks for yesterday and the Universal heart healing. You and your team are doing a tremendous job and making a big difference for me and for humanity. It was really hard work with the heart. A force that worked around, up and down and here and there. Never before felt such an activity in the heart. Love, love and just love. I feel an enormous gratitude and a great calm. Everything will work out. Grateful"
Mona 2023

"Sitting here and smiling... Such joy in my heart to be part of the community. Really feel how the love spreads from you and to all of us. You are truly unique in your way of being. You and your love are for real."  

Carina 2022

Yes please, I wish to join the community

HEAL to be you