I have always been interested in angels and spirituality, but it was when I had an emergency surgery and the hospital room was filled with angels that my life took a turn and I found healing for real. The year was 2012.

Before that, I worked as a dance teacher at schools. It was wonderful to be able to rejoice with the children, but tough to work in the school's controlled system. I trained to becoming a medical massage therapist and the massage profession made me realize that my hands could heal. But I hadn't yet found my way home.

I remember the time after the dramatic event as very beautiful. I recovered in my bed on the fourth floor in Malmö in southern Sweden. It was spring and outside my window grew a large old tree with white flowers swirling in the wind. It was so beautiful. There and then I decided to learn healing which the angels had been trying to convey for so long. It was time to listen. I found Angelic Reiki.

The Angelic Reiki® courses have been invaluable to me. The magic I experienced in these courses cannot be described in words. It was a whole new world that opened up, in love. The soul flourished, my light body was activated, and my life purpose began to appear . This was the start of something new.

New Shamballa, which was the next step on my spiritual journey, made the warrior of light within me wake up even more.

Over the years, it became clearer to me who I am and why I am here on earth. I started working on transformation and converting energies from lower frequencies to higher ones.

I also discovered my gift of holding a sacred space for others to heal in, which led me to gather other lightworkers in one community. This Community is today a big part of my work. Me and my light team create different healing events that we in the community perform, for ourselves, for each other and for all living things.

Healing for me is love. Pure and genuine love. I have many lives behind me as a healer, and these spiritual gifts are preserved in my heart. The more I raise my vibration, the more I remember and the more contact I get with my heart. The healing becomes more powerful.

New collaborations are emerging and the contact with various guides, ascended masters, galactics, nature beings, goddesses, etc. becomes more clear and obvious. Although I discover new origins such as having lived in Lemuria and have a team on Sirius, it is the vibration of the archangels that feels most at home to me. In my true origins, I have wings.

It is a privilege to be able to work with the archangels so closely. I'm so grateful for that. Special thanks to the archangel Metatron who has been so present and helped me through challenging times.

Now I stand here, stronger than ever and ready for the mission of spreading my light, so that together we can expand our consciousness here on earth and raise the frequency of the collective to step into higher realms.

I really love my mission, to be a guide and help other souls who want to reach the light, to share my healing gift and transform with all my power as a light warrior. It is an honor to help in the service of light.


I live on Tjörn in Bohuslän in Sweden with my husband and children. My role as a mother to Lily and John is incredibly important to me. They are the greatest gifts that show me every day that life is light and love. I highly value spending time with my family in this beautiful place where forest and sea meet with elegant cliffs.

My educations in the relevant field:

  •  Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
  • Lightworker of New Shamballa and Multidimensional Healer
  • Dream Interpretation & Symbol Interpretation
  • Medical Massage Therapist
  • Tarot

I have a desire for all of us to live in Love, Gratitude and Peace.

I hope to inspire you to make a change so that you can live the life you desire. Life can be challenging. I have my own experience of that. But if we choose to listen to our own truth, then magic appears.

HEAL to be you