Expansion of your consciousness

I invite you to a magical space with the archangels and other high-frequency light energies. We raise you to divine frequencies and activate your inner light.

You will be purified, transformed, balanced and activated so that you can reach higher consciousness. You will expand.

When we truly leave what is not ours, what has pushed us down and hindered us in various ways, then our own inner light will begin to radiate again. Then we can stand in our own power. Then we can shine our light around the world. Then life becomes magical.

This is an intensive session that includes many pieces in which we work in depth. You should therefore be familiar with spirituality and spiritual development and above all ready to meet your true self and take the next step towards higher dimensions.

You know in your heart whether to book this or not. Your soul will guide you right.

The light activation helps you recreate and strengthen the connection with the divine, yourself and your higher self. It gives you access to your deep knowledge of the truth of life, the one that already lives within you.

We talk on the phone as I guide you and tell you what I and the guideteam of light are doing, so that you are aware of what is happening.

Each light activation is unique, depending on where you are right now in your process.

Realize your greatness.

Reconnect with the divine.

Take back your deep knowledge of the truth of life,

the one who already lives within you.

A light activation contains:

  • Purification (clean out unwanted energies)
  • Transformation (transforming energies, releasing old belief systems and thought patterns)
  • Bringing home soul pieces (reactivating what is you)
  • Balancing the masculine and feminine within you
  • Repair of the etheric weave (to protect against external strain)
  • The waves of Metatron (activate light channel with nine chakras)
  • Adjustment of the axiatonal (the connection between you, the Earth and the Cosmos)
  • Expansion of the light body (open up entrances to higher dimensions)
  • Meeting with some angels or other members in your light family
  • Blessings, light codes and sacred symbols of the archangels
  • Healing

  "Åse was born to do this! This is her life's mission. Wow! "
Elisabeth, juli 2021

"It feels like coming home."
Fredrik juni 2021

"You're doing an absolutely tremendous job, Åse. You... yes...I can't find any words simply because it is so amazing and so magical. I would never have been here if it hadn't been for you. I am quite sure of that. You show me the way. You show me who I am.  I am so deeply grateful for that. A thousand thanks. Hug."

Agneta, september 2021

How: Phone call

Time - 60 minutes

Investment - SEK1 444

I am from Sweden and I will do my best to get understood. My English is good, but not great.

Pay here:

Yes please, I want to book a light activation

I contact you soon as possible and we agree on date and time. After that you pay me and I will send you your receipt. Please check the spam so you don't miss my email, thank you.

HEAL to be you