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An enchanting healing where we invite nature's radiant gods - Devas.

Devas are nature's own architects, they fix and donate and have different tasks to maintain the balance of nature. They watch over rocks, trees, plants and herbs. insects and animals… and spread their radiant holy light to all living things here on earth. Devas are completely love-based and pure angelic beings that awaken the magic within us.

Devas help us wake up to the sacred earth within ourselves - the new earth.

During this healing you will receive awakening codes for the new earth. These will be integrated within you. You land in natural balance and a natural flow. You are given the gift of being in the present moment, of enjoying what is. You will feel gratitude, joy and delight. You are grounded and anchored in who you are, your true nature. It becomes a rebirth of the new divine human, the feminine and sacred.

A healing that awakens us to a new realm - the kingdom of Devas.

You live here on earth now, on this beautiful planet, in this transformative and magical time, when you become who you are meant to be. Your task is to find your way back to yourself, to your true nature. When you are grounded, in the present and in tune with nature and her magical essence, then you reach a higher consciousness.  

This healing will help us in this lifetime to live in symbiosis with nature and all of Gaia's gods, beings, plants & animals.

"Thank you so much. I experience Deva healing as very magical. I shudder with pleasure all over my body. Much love. Sensing their closeness. They circled around me and I see the devas as spheres of light. Everything is in balance, bright, beautiful, joy and love. I want to stay in that feeling all the time."
Anette oktober 2022

"Wonderful, so amazing! Unreal, as always, but still in the middle of reality. I felt great gratitude and beauty. Thank you, beautiful Åse, for doing this for all of us o everything!"
Kristina, september 2022

"It was such a cool healing, Åse! So powerful! I sat on a rock covered in moss in the middle of the forest. I closed my eyes at first, but felt that I should keep my eyes open. And then I saw them. So beautiful and they filled the whole forest around me! One energy was stronger than the others and came up to me, close and felt very big. It was so nice and cool to feel these Devas and see them disappear o the forest when the clock was struck. Many thanks for a new experience! Love you and all these energies!"
Tove, june 2022

How: Distance

Where: In nature, we meet in the divine sphere

Date: 7 june 2023

Time: Swedish time 12.00 - 12.30

Investment: 211 kronor

Fill out the form below and pay directly when booking. You will receive a receipt by email when I see your payment. I need your payment one hour before we start the healing. 

If you don't get a confirmation email from me, please check your email trash and then contact me again. Thank you.

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How does it work?

This healing I share from a place in nature and you receive it in nature. Find a place where you can hear the chirping of birds, the waves of the sea or the whistling of the wind in the trees. If you have no opportunity for this, create an inner space where you put yourself in nature. Take a few deep breaths, ground yourself and feel gratitude. Be completely in the moment and feel how you open up and receive the healing that the nature gives you.

I hold the sacred space for 30 minutes, but you can stay longer if it feels right to you. The healing can continue for several days afterwards if you need it. Have faith.

I will email you a text afterwards with what I experienced, but remember to trust your experience. You know what is true for you. Give yourself water, nourishment and love afterwards and consciously step into your true nature.

HEAL to be you