I put myself in a sacred space and invite the archangels and the guides to convey what you need to hear. I write it all down to you.

I also use tarot, oracle and angel cards that show us where you are now and what blockages there are. It is favorable to understand oneself in order to be able to act more consciously and make the necessary decisions.

There is a collaboration between the cards and the channeling I bring home directly from the Source's high-frequency angels, masters and other guides who assist me.

Common areas I address are work, relationships, health, self-love, spiritual development, guides and angelic messages, but other things also come in as well. The guidance is personal, all to give you what you so badly need in the present.

It is not a prediction. It is a guidance. You can always influence your own life with your own free will.

I will write down the guidance, the reading, and send it to your email as a pdf file.

How do I move on?

I guide you to take the steps you need to take to be able to open the next door.

"Åse has an absolutely fantastic ability to convey clarity."
Sophie Amandine, june 2018

"I have read through the text 4 times and as many times I have had to pick up handkerchiefs to wipe my tears with. That's usually a good sign and good grade. Almost always when it feels real and true, the tears come. Many thanks for the wonderful reading."
Stina december 2018

 "Hello you wonderful soul. Just got home and read the reading from you. So I have cried a few liters, but not sad tears. Just such strong feelings of humility and gratitude. You are so damn good. How happy I was by your interpretation and wonderful disposition. A thousand thousand thanks. How lucky I am."
Siv, medium, november 2019

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You pay directly when booking. You will receive a receipt by email when I see your payment. Within 10 days of your payment, I'll email your guidance. If you don't get a confirmation email from me in tree days, please check your email trash and then contact me again. Thank you.

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