Distance healing just for you

A personal healing where all the focus goes to you, and what you need in the moment.

The healing helps you remember who you are. You are so much more than you think, you are capable of great accomplishments. The healing gives you what you need on your way to heal, to expand, to develop and to raise your frequency. It starts the flow in your body and gives you new energy. You reconnect with the divine and with yourself.

I work with high frequency healing together with archangels, goddesses, masters, devas and galactic healers. I use my knowledge, but always in collaboration with the light of source.

Healing is for me true love.

Every healing is unique. It is perfectly transferred and gives you exactly what you need. 

Receive this healing wherever you are, for example at home or in nature. Sit or lie down comfortably and create a place in stillness where you can relax. Play music with frequencies that resonate with your heart, listen to the sounds of nature or be in total silence. Maybe you want to light a candle or hold a crystal. Do what feels best for you at this particular moment. Then open up and receive the divine love energies. Feel the magic.

After the healing, you will receive feedback from me via email.


I am a trained Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Angelic Reiki® is a wonderful form of healing that works with our energy system and balances the flow of life. We work hand in hand with angels, archangels, ascended masters and galactic healers. It is pure and highly vibrating light energy that heals on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, karmically, ancestors, past lives, etc. Angelic Reiki® is the archangel Metatron's healing system and is based on ancient wisdom from Atlantis, among others.

After that training in 2014, a beautiful collaboration started between me and the archangels, with Metatron as my closest guide. In 2020 we developed Archangel Healing together, because one of my missions is to anchor the archangels' energy of love here on earth. I am sent to convey that we should feel them within us and realize that they are a part of us. We need to feel the presence of Archangels to understand their true essence.Mother Earth has raised her frequency and we with her, so we are now ready to meet the angels in a new and higher vibrational way.

Then I discovered my gift of transformation, to transform lower energies into higher ones. Here I can really use my power and it's something I really like. As a transmuter, I shift energies that have stagnated, I push the boundaries and recode into the divine aspect. I use my connection with galactic energy, universal knowledge and dimensional healing ability.

I am one of those who came here to earth to assist right now during the planet's shift and to help humanity evolve so that we can rise in consciousness. That is a true honor. I am so grateful to be able to serve in the service of light.

My healing gift is constantly escalating.

My family of light, my guiding team, is getting bigger and bigger. New contacts are made and it is so exciting.

The love for our beautiful planet and the devas is as strong as it is for my galactic family and the mysteries of the cosmos.

I have a strong connection with the light and with the truth.

The healing I give comes from the heart, it is pure and genuine, it is also strong and life changing.

Let us meet in the divine sphere.


We are all energy beings, even if what we see and experience is our physical bodies. Before an imbalance becomes physical, it exists at the energy level. Therefore, it is important to keep our energy bodies clean and whole. You do this through deep breathing, healing and light activation.

"I got to see a "close-up" of all the other angels around me, they vibrated in white light. I've probably never really understood how much love, protection, and guidance I've received over the years. I had a real army of light around me and I felt so loved and protected and I thought: -What do I have to fear and be afraid of when I have all these angels, light beings around me?? The feeling was tremendous. And a great peace spread in my body and mind. I have never experienced anything like it. A presence of angels and other guides. Magic! I am humbly grateful."
Carina, november 2020

"I want to express gratitude for your efforts during the spring! Some things you communicated to me after our healing sessions and in the guidance you gave earlier have had a direct impact not only on a spiritual level but just as much in the practical part of life and made navigation in the everyday easier in a tricky and exciting time on this globe. Many thanks!"
Fredrik mars 2020

"Thank you, lovely Åse! As usual, I felt a lot in my body but... On a couple of occasions I saw a very bright, blinding white light. Never experienced that before. Lots of love to you!"
Åsa, april 2021 

How - Distance

Where: We meet in the Divine sphere

Time - 45 min healing + feedback on email

Investment - SEK 695

Pay here:


Yes please, I want to book distance healing

I contact you soon as possible so we can make an appointment. Please check your spam if you do not hear from me, thank you.

After the healing.

Keep in mind that this love energy is a gift to you that you need to take care of. It's important what you do afterwards, how you think, how you feel, talk, live... Allow the energy to stay in you and consciously enter the new. You need to want to create a change yourself, not just let something outside of you fix you. Take responsibility so that the transformation can take place, in love.

HEAL to be you